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Tristan Translations has been providing quality language services to business and institutional clients since 1978. We are a traditional translation agency, working exclusively with accomplished professional translators and interpreters. Some translators and some clients have been with us since almost the very start of the business.

We work in all major languages and most business and technical fields. We generally do not accept personal documents for translation and we never employ aspects of machine translation.

A distinguishing characteristic of Tristan Translations is that we do not seek to make the most of each translation task. Frequently there are some elements in the original documents that are probably not of interest or value to a client. We solicit the client's guidance in providing value while controlling cost. This has helped to establish excellent long term client relations. Another distinguishing characteristic is that when we notice a discrepancy or illogic in an original document, we bring it to the client's attention.


After more than 35 years in business, Tristan Translations has an impressive history of satisfying the foreign language needs of clients in many fields. We have continuing clients going back many years, several of whom are exchange listed companies with market capitalization in $billions. References are available according to specific client request.


Tristan Translations maintains a large ongoing database of translators and interpreters. Resources are both in the US and abroad. For any project the goal is to match the best resource based on language, subject and current availability.


It is unfortunately common for a service business such as a translation agency to seek to appear to be all-capable. On this website Tristan Translations has chosen to present what it believes to be its strengths and to also identify aspects of translation service it has chosen not to pursue.