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Documents are seldom "perfect" in style, grammar, spelling or logic, whether original documents or translations. The goal of Tristan Translations is that translations be at least as "good" as the original document for the intended purpose, if not "better." Two factors support this goal. The first is that we assign translations only to experienced professional (and therefore not bargain) translators. The second is a natural consequence of professional translation: very few people, with the exception perhaps of aggressive opposing counsel, read original documents with the thoroughness of such a translator. It is common to find flaws in original documents, even filed or published documents. In translations we usually identify such faults with [sic] or with a comment, when appropriate.

Quality requires focus. Under Services/Types of Documents we list some principal focuses. In addition to generally avoiding personal documents, we also tend to avoid translation of crafted promotional documents (as opposed to straightforward factual ones), translations of literary fiction, theatrical scripts, esthetic reviews, diatribes, documents with heavy ethnic nuances, and other documents with purposefully high emotional content.

Simply being bilingual is not sufficient background for effective interpretation. A professional interpreter must posses, in addition to a high level of ability in both languages, a sense of the purpose of the interpretation and an appreciation of the culture of the party for whom they are interpreting. This is a reason why it is so important for a client to provide as much relevant information as possible when scheduling an interpretation assignment.