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Rates for foreign language services are variable and depend on many factors, to include among others, for translations (which are usually charged on a word volume basis):

  1. language pair,

  2. type and copy quality of original document,

  3. size of document,

  4. subject matter,

  5. expected turnaround time,

  6. format of receipt and delivery, and

  7. intended purpose of the translation.

With sufficient initial information from the client Tristan Translations can usually provide a quote (either $ total or word-count based rate). Every translation project is in a sense unique; publishing global rates would be unrealistic.

Interpretations are usually charged on a time basis and the charge is also subject to many variables.


In addition to rate considerations there are "minimums". A "minimum" defines the basic cost of a project, no matter how small, and reflects inevitable project overhead. Our minimums for translation are $100 involving most common Western European languages for any document or separate partial translation and usually two hours at the appropriate rate for consecutive interpretations. Asian and relatively uncommon languages may be more costly. Minimums are not in addition to normal charges; they only apply to set a "floor" for projects.

Additional Charges

Additional charges may include significant travel, delivery and other expenses in fulfilling an assignment, or unusual client requirements. Such charges, to the extent they do not require active management participation or prepayment by Tristan Translations, are passed to the client without markup. On all assignments involving air fare, ground transportation, lodging and per diem, the client is expected to cover such charges directly on a current basis. Interim or after delivery revisions to a client's original documents can easily generate additional charges disproportional to the amount of revision and sometimes can not be performed expeditiously.