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Tristan Translations has extensive experience in the following fields:


Translation projects can be delivered in several forms: mailed or express hard copy, CD, or as e-mail file attachments. For file deliveries involving languages which do not use the Roman alphabet we can often provide appropriate fonts or font embedding. Text files can be delivered as straight ASCII text or in MS Word, WordPerfect, PDF, and a few other formats. Common spreadsheet and presentation formats are available as are some desktop publishing and Web formats. For presentation, desktop publishing and Web format files we usually place translated text within a client's existing template, rather than create a layout.


A client is welcome to have a third party review a translation produced by Tristan Translations, as long as the reviewer is a professional translator (someone who derives a regular and significant income from that activity) with native fluency in the target language and background appropriate to the subject matter. Such professional reviews focus on the essential accuracy of the translation and do not interpose purely personal taste in style, vocabulary or grammar. Tristan Translations will modify without charge a delivered translation where such a professional review demonstrates a need and the review changes are clearly marked in the file or clearly and legibly marked on hardcopy using common standard proofreader notations. We can also provide such review services of translations produced by other parties, quoted on a project basis.


Examples of what can often be left out, simplified, summarized or simply noted as existing in original documents without impairing the usefulness of a translation: